Althea || Tay

Artist | Full Stack Web Developer | Space Colonist

Call Me Tay

I am an artist, full-stack web developer, and teacher who approaches technology through an interdisciplinary lens. I apply thoughtful, creative solutions to my work in web development as well as the big questions of justice and equity, community building, and the ways that technology shapes humanity’s future.

As an artist and a writer, I explore these themes as I create futures that attempt, and often fail, to solve the inequities of western society. I am drawn to science fiction that is, in many ways, more about the humanity shaped by their environment.

I am currently seeking opportunities working as a developer in tech at a company that is actively grappling with the social and ethical implications of the technology they are building. I believe in a future build for all of humanity, especially communities that are barred from entry to the rooms where the future is decided.

What I Can't Shut Up About


My Resume

Languages: JavaScript (ES5, ES6). Python. Ruby on Rails. CSS3. HTML5. RESTful APIs. Java. C++. Egg.

Frameworks and Libraries: React. jQuery. Node.js. AJAX.

Design: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign, Illustrator). Sketch. Human-Centered Design.

Version Control and Workflow Management: Git. Github. Trello. npm. AGILE.